New seaport in Bangladesh hoped to relieve import scrap congestion

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New seaport in Bangladesh hoped to relieve import scrap congestion

Work to dredge a new deep-sea terminal in southern Bangladesh’s Port of Payra will start “immediately” following a fresh agreement between government authorities and maritime construction company Jan De Nul.
Bangladesh’s Port of Payra, in the district of Patuakhali on the country’s southern coast, has been a long-term infrastructure project, first established in 2013.
Construction of a deep-water portion at the port has long been planned but has faced a raft of delays, including postponements in the transfer of land required for the Payra Port Authority to carry out its plans.

“The dredging works will start immediately and will take approximately three years to complete. Jan De Nul will mobilize several dredgers to perform the capital dredging works, deepening the…


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New seaport in Bangladesh hoped to relieve import scrap congestion


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